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ClintonWorld: Not Your Average Arkansas Trailer Park

As the WSJ revealed this morning in the never-ending email scandal, Bill and Hillary Clinton became buddies with Nigerian/Lebanese billionaire Gilbert Chagoury during the early 1990’s.

The outrage this morning stems from a suggestion in the emails that Hillary Clinton has been trading jobs, money and favors of international diplomacy with Chagoury. This should come as no surprise.

During Bill Clinton’s presidency, Gilbert Chagoury was buddies with Nigerian Dictator Sabi Abachas. So much so, that after Abaches unexpected death, Chagoury had to pay $300 million to the new Nigerian government just to indemnify himself of possible criminal charges stemming from his relationship with Abaches.

Sabi Abachas was a brutal dictator who created an international furor in the 1990’s when he executed Ken Saro-Wiwa and 8 other political activists from Ogoniland, a minority tribal region within Nigeria.

The activists demanded freedom for their tribe and a fair share of the revenue from oil deposits in Ogoniland – a demand opposed by Abaches and his buddies who control the international oil companies. The activists were hanged for their troubles. Nobody has denied that ClintonWorld can be a swinging kind of place.

All of this from just one of the Clinton’s cronies. Imagine how swinging the next four years will be in they ascend the presidency again.

Winners: the Clintons’, billionaires, brutal dictators, oil companies.

Losers: political activists, minorities, freedom, rule of law.