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A Prayer For Dallas

The murders of five police officers and the attempted murder of another six police officers in Dallas leave me almost speechless; such is my sadness and anger.

We should pray continually for the police officers in our own communities who defend us but especially today, we should pray for those defending Dallas and the families of their fellow officers who sacrificed their lives for the common good. As our Lord Jesus Christ said, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

We should pray for our right to protest peaceably and to defend ourselves. The attack in Dallas last night was an attack on both. The murders (or terrorists given their method of attack and regardless of motive) prevented a large group of Americans from peaceable protesting. Americans were silenced and terrorized as unidentified gunman murdered those whose duty it was to protect the protestors and the general public. We cannot stand down from this assault.

We should pray for wisdom as we hold accountable our political and community leaders who seem not to understand the true nature of these assaults. We should condemn those use this tragedy to advance themselves or their political agenda especially an agenda designed to deny us the right to defend ourselves.

We should pray for our presidential candidates and use this opportunity to listen very closely to Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton. Their words during this crisis will reveal if either have the high quality of leadership necessary to stand for freedom as our country moves through these perilous times.

We should pray for ourselves and for our fellow Americans to find the peace and understanding that only comes from above. We should extend peace and understanding to each other so that we may stand united against all those who would take our freedoms from us.