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Refuse The Devil His Due

Wait for it . . . . just as we are emerging from a global pandemic, the Peace Center has scheduled a showing of a 2019 documentary about an organization known as the Satanic Temple entitled Hail, Satan?  No word yet from the Peace Center regarding how they will handle social distancing. (Would you like your mask with or without goat horns? Remember to maintain appropriate social distancing during the after-film bacchanal).

Do not be deceived, you won’t find any allegations of 1980’s Dungeons & Dragons tom-foolery or back-masking rock albums among these folks. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, they use Satan as a flashpoint to draw attention to themselves. They count on the Old Scratch to elicit an overreaction from Christians.

Once you get past the image of satanists running around in red jumpsuits with bifurcated tails, they have a platform that closely resembles that of the American Humanist Association (AHA) – the organization that sued Greenville County School District over student led prayers during graduation in public schools – and won (though the school board is appealing the ruling in federal court).

The Satanic Temple was formed as a grass-roots political movement in 2013 to protest Christian influence in government. They gained notoriety protesting the installation of Ten Commandment monuments at the state capitols in Oklahoma and Arkansas. They won by using the tactic of outrage. They insisted that they have the right to put up a statue of Baphomet, an occult goat deity, if the Ten Commandments stayed.  No mention was made of how a goat had any influence over how our laws developed over the past three thousand years.

The AHA was formed over 75 years ago “to bring about a progressive society where being good without a god is an accepted and respected way to live life. We are accomplishing this through our defense of civil liberties and secular governance . . .”

Both the Satanic Temple and the AHA are progressive political pressure groups that are openly anti-Christian. The AHA found an Obama-era federal district court judge who recently issued an Order directed at the Greenville County School District that overtly restricts the rights of individual public education employees and students to voluntarily exercise their religion during graduation ceremonies.

According to their website, the Peace Center receives funds from a variety of prominent Greenville corporations, individuals, as well as tax-funding from the SC Arts Commission. During this long economic recovery, maybe those donors should reconsider the community value of Hail, Satan? and ask if such films add or subtract to making Greenville a great place to live. I know that I will when voting on our revised state budget this September.


  1. Daniel Lybrand

    John Yarbro,
    How pray tell, can an internet post violate a Constitutional Amendment? By not agreeing with or expressing the same ideals that you hold? THAT is exactly why we have a 1st amendment.
    If belief and faith in Christianity makes one narrow and shallow minded, then so be it.

  2. Amanda Braswell

    This is what you are working on? You clearly know nothing about Humanist. It is amazing to me that the party that claims they want to limit government involvement in our lives has no problem trying to insert their beliefs into the lives of others. You are not being forced to watch anything or attend anything. You and your ilk having a choice about how, when and who you worship is a choice you routinely try to deny others. Worry about yourself and stop violating the 1st amendment of others. I am so glad we have someone running against you.

  3. John Yarbro

    You post violated the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Regardless, your narrow/shallow-minded flock of white conservative hypocrites are now happy.

  4. Sharon Miller

    We are incredibly grateful that the a Peace Center has canceled this event. Thank you to everyone involved in accomplishing this and in particular Rep Stringer. I know your voice has had a big impact and we are grateful. Praise God for this victory!

  5. Catherine Huff

    A.W. Tower is quoted to have said, “A scared world needs a fearless church.” Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. It is time for the church to rise up and speak against the evil that is invading our community.. Spread the truth about the abomination that the Peace Center is allowing to be promoted by their venue. Call on Christians to speak up and make their voices heard. Our children are watching as our community is attacked by those who hate God. Like Esther, who was called for a time such as this, will we rise to the occasion or will we in shame watch as God has to raise up another champion to fight the battle?

  6. Shiela Miller

    Thank you so much for bringing awareness and for your actions against this evil!

  7. John Yarbro

    Lighten up, Jack Fox. It’s a documentary. If you don’t like The Peace Center, DON’T GO TO THE PEACE CENTER!!! I respect your viewpoint, albeit narrow and shallow, because for every one of you there are ten who support and enjoy The Peace Center.

  8. Jack Fox

    Thank you Tommy for writing this article and taking a stand against evil. Corporate sponsors of The Peace Center can be found at the link below:
    Moreover, The Peace Center was built with tax payer dollars, many of whom are Christians and Jews. The choice of The Peace Center to sponsor the movie “Hail Satan” is a disgrace to Christians and Jews – both in Greenville and throughout South Carolina. Please plan to boycott The Peace Center AND their corporate sponsors (who are by default aligned with The Peace Center’s actions). The elephant in the room is of course Michelin who have their Head Quarter’s in Greenville and are a major corporate sponsor of The Peace Center. Many other Peace Center corporate sponsors have regional corporate offices in Greenville such as TD Bank, Duke Energy and Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC. My suggestion – for any spirit filled Christians reading this – is to call the public relations officers of The Peace Center’s corporate sponsors and let them know of your outrage. Downtown Greenville is packed with Christian Churches and Synagogues. Hence, this action is an absolute disgrace. Hosting films about Satan in downtown Greenville is insulting to Christians, Jews and blasphemous to God. Take some action people with your wallets against The Peace Center AND their corporate sponsors. Stand up Christians.

  9. Daniel Lybrand

    Unfortunately it seems as if downtown Greenville is growing more and more “progressive” with the increasing influx of migrants from outside of the bible belt. More is the pity.
    However, the complaintants in the lawsuit against our school district came from right here in our Blue Ridge community. They have been allowed to remain anonymous. They should be required to stand up and be identified if they are alowed to file suit, even through the Humanist third party. If they are reading this then by all means stand on your beliefs, don’t hide behind a demonic association of lawyers.

  10. Margaret Stringer

    Proud of you!!!

  11. Shawn Miller

    Tommy – thanks for leaving this article. My wife and I called the Peace Center and spoke with the Marketing VP there – Angela. This is one of 4 “documentaries” that are viewable in-home (not at the Peace Center). Still – this is very concerning – The Peace Center’s name is behind this, they support it, and they are also sponsoring a Q&A with the film’s director. Very disturbing. Lets ask all the conservatives and Christian patrons and volunteers there to stand up and make a difference. Email the Peace Center. They do respond to every email.

  12. Sharon R. Miller

    WOW! Outstanding research and extremely well written. I cannot thank you enough for alerting the public of this abomination. To clarify, the film will be streamed to homes, not shown directly at the PC. To me, that is worse. How many family members will be viewing? Minor children included? How many links to other sites may be provided and easily accessed for curious onlookers? Not only is the material itself anti-Christian/God, but it is rated R for nudity and language. Satan loves to exploit these avenues. The film will be streamed for several days, and includes a Q&A with the man who is the head of the Satanic Temple on June 10. I am dumbfounded and profoundly disappointed. Citizens, make your voice heard, and vote with your dollars and feet. God bless you Rep Stringer!

  13. Dale Iverson

    Right on. Thank you.

  14. John Yarbro

    You are a nutjob, Mr. Stringer!

    • Valerie

      Thank you so much Rep Stringer. I am sure your influence made a huge difference in shutting down this evil show at the Peace Center. Thank you for standing up for what is right.

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