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Random Takeaways From The Kavanaugh Hearings

Conservatism loses no matter the outcome of the Kavanaugh hearings. While a Kavanaugh victory ensures a conservative seat on the Supreme Court and the possibility of slowing America’s constitutional demise, the hearings reveal that many Americans will, at this very moment, sacrifice an individual’s right to due process on the altar of group outrage. Those Americans are individual voters that conservatism failed to reach for various reasons.

Democrats again demonstrated their ever-increasing skill of using social media to foment identity politics into group outrage. They can now inject real-time raw emotion into almost any political issue. Conservatism, calmly bound to logic and reason, must develop an effective defense. Kavanaugh chose to meet emotion with emotion in yesterday’s hearing. We shall see if his strategy works.

The Democratic Senators vile treatment of Kavanaugh during the confirmation process reveal how ethically bankrupt they have become. More disturbing is how open the Senators were in revealing their pettiness to the nation. As a friend once said, “those who are elected reveal the character of those who elected them.”