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Bachelors of Applied Science degree in Advanced Manufacturing Technology

That’s a big name for a proposed big change to the programs offered by our technical colleges. The House passed Rep. Jason Elliott’s (R-Greenville County) bill by a vote of 103 to 0. His bill will allow schools like our own Greenville Tech to offer a four-year degree in Advanced Manufacturing Technology. Currently, state law prohibits four-year degrees from being offered by our technical colleges.

While limiting tech schools to two-year applied science degrees and only allowing universities to offer four-year degrees, masters degrees and doctorate degrees might have made since in 1946 when tens of thousands of GI’s came home and needed practical training for a host of new technical jobs, this limitation makes no sense in 2018.

The House recognized the inherent archaic nature of our current law and passed Rep. Elliott’s with enthusiasm. Now his bill has taken its place a the back of the great bill queue known as the South Carolina Senate.

The Senate should speed the bill through their committee hearing process considering the great support that has come from manufacturers. Letters expressing the need for this type of four year degree have come from Michelin, Renishaw, Southern Weaving, G E Power & Water, Rexroth Bosch Group, JTEKT and Flame Spray just to name a few.

The House will take up the state budget next week. While we debate the budget, a miracle could occur in the Senate that would allow this bill to pass quickly, ready to be signed by the Governor.

If you, as a citizen and possible candidate for this new degree feel like witnessing such a miracle, you might call your senator and ask for one.