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Emanuel AME Church – A Slaughter of Innocents

The morning brought word of another “mass shooting,” to use a desensitized phrase coined by our modern news media. The phrase does not do justice to the victims nor does it reflect the outrage demanded by the act. So, let us properly describe what occurred.

Nine South Carolinians were murdered. The murders happened in our holy city of Charleston, in Emanuel AME Church where people have worshipped God for 200 years. Those murdered were attending prayer meeting. They were men, women and possibly children whose devotion led them to pray, yet they were preyed upon in a sacred place by evil personified.

This act of evil should be called what it is – a slaughter of innocents.

We should continue through this day and the days to come to pray for the families of these innocents. We should reflect upon on the moral condition of our society. This heinous act was not carried out in Serbia or Iraq but here in South Carolina. The blood of these prayerful victims was shed on our doorstep. We should stop and take full measure of what was truly shed here.