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Common Sense

Today being the birthday of Thomas Paine, American revolutionary and author of Common Sense, let’s celebrate by applying some common sense to our political situation in Columbia.

With Gov. Haley’s road plan and the work completed by Rep. Simrill’s transportation study committee, we have an opportunity, not just to reach a consensus on road repair, but to give South Carolinians something that they have not witnessed since Republicans took control of state government – a common sense solution to a problem that harms all of us along with proof that the Governor and the House leadership team can work together in an openly positive manner and with mutual respect for the dignity of each other’s respective offices.

Republicans have the opportunity right now to rid ourselves of the dysfunctional relationship that has existed between the executive and legislative branches of government for the last 12 years. This cloud of negativity and backbiting criticism has poisoned our assumptions about how much we can accomplish for far too long.

This does not mean that we agree on every point, but disagreement should ultimately lead to consensus, not contempt. We might even develop the habit of success.