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House Reorganization

The House will meet on the 17th and 18th of November to reorganize for the coming legislative Session in January 2011. During these two days members are sworn-in, seating arrangements are established, members are assigned to committees and, most importantly, the Speaker is elected.

Unlike the United States House where each party elects a candidate for Speaker andĀ then a vote between those candidatesĀ is taken on the floor, all members of the South Carolina House vote openly for the Speaker from a slate of nominees. The Speaker presides over the House, makes committee assignments, and orders legislation, among other important duties.

At this point, two members have declared their intention to run for Speaker. These include the current Speaker, Bobby Harrell from Charleston and Ralph Norman, a two-term member from Rock Hill. Both are members of the Republican Caucus. No Democrat has declared their intention to run.