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16 January 2010

The second half of the two year Session began with the House considering the Resolution to censure Gov. Sanford. Though some expected a drawn out debate on the subject, the Resolution was overwhelmingly passed by the House after twenty minutes of debate. I voted in the majority for the Resolution.
The House also considered several pieces of legislation of note including two that would have made the Secretary of State and Secretary of Education cabinet level positions appointed by the Governor. Currently, both positions are elected by the voters and the changes would have to be approved by the voters through a referendum. Unfortunately, the Bill regarding the Secretary of State was voted down and the Bill regarding the Superintendent of Education was tabled.
Another piece of important legislation was a Bill passed for third reading that directs the Employment Security Commission to disqualify applicants for drug use, etc. This Bill is a precursor to a major reform of the ESC expected later this year.
The following are bills that I sponsored or co-sponsored this week –

H4331 – Supporting Law Enforcement – This bill would grant 180 days of paid leave to any officer who incurs bodily injurt during the performance of his police duties.

H4343 – Air Service Development Fund – This bill would establish a state fund that would allow regional airports to draw monies that would be matched by local funds in order to attract low cost carriers.

You may read each bill in its entirety at