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Republican Member of the South Carolina House Representing District 18

As a native of Northern Greenville County, I grew up in the Blue Ridge community. I attended Skyland Elementary School until the 6th grade, when my parents decided to send me to Southside Christian School in Greenville.

After graduating high school, I earned an accounting degree from Bob Jones University and entered graduate school at Clemson to pursue an MA in English. While at Clemson, I was hired by one of the largest pension actuarial firms in South Carolina.

I founded my own pension compliance firm in 2000. Headquartered in Greer, Stringer Resource Group provides ERISA compliance services for small business owners across the Carolinas. As a small business owner who works with other small businesses, I understand that we are the backbone of our economy. I believe that governmental regulations and taxes should be decreased so that business owners can do what they do best: create jobs.

I also believe that citizens should give something back to the communities who support them. Before being elected to the General Assembly in 2008, I served as a Trustee at Coastal Carolina University. Elected to the Board in 2006, I served as Board Secretary and chairman of the Audit Committee. Currently, I serve on the board of the University Center of Greenville.

Since being elected in 2008, I have served four terms in the House. During that time, I have been a member of the Agriculture Committee, Education Committee and chaired the House Republican Caucus Tax Reform Committee.

I currently chair the k-12 subcommittee on the Education Committee and serve on the newly created Legislative Oversight Committee.