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Vote Tuesday, November 3, 2020

I remain grateful to the citizens of Blue Ridge, Greer and Taylors for electing me to represent you these past 12 consecutive years. It truly is an honor and a great privilege to serve you. I hope to serve you and our community with the same dedication for another term.

During my time in the House, I am proudest of the work that I have done along with other conservative members to protect the lives of the unborn, to protect our 2nd Amendment rights and to promote the principles of a limited, efficient, and transparent government. 

As your representative, I have voted our community values during my current service on the Education and Public Works Committee and Legislative Oversight Committee. 

On a more personal level, I have been the primary sponsor of several bills that have passed the House including tax reform bills, the Benefit Corporation Act, and most recently, the Veterans Nursing Degree Opportunity Act that awaits passage in the Senate. During the next term, I look forward to continuing my efforts to bring transparency in how the General Assembly elects our judges.

When you vote on November 3rd, please remember that as a conservative, I consider legislation based upon the following principles. I believe: 

  • In individual liberty, individual responsibility and limited government.
  • Individual liberty and individual responsibility derive authority from natural law before which all humans stand free, independent and equal.
  • Divine Providence through natural law requires individuals to act responsibly as the first duty of those who are granted the gift of individual liberty.
  • Individuals enter into a social contract with each other to protect liberty, promote responsibility and provide for the basic common good.
  • The social contract forms the foundation for the rule of law.
  • The social contract operates best within a representative form of government.
  • Government with power to tax or deny individual liberty should be as strictly limited as practicable.
  • Individual liberty erodes with each penny taxed by the government.
  • The social contract requires limited taxes to provide for the basic common good that cannot be provided through acts of individual responsibility.
  • The General Assembly as the formal representation of the social contract for the citizens of South Carolina has a duty to provide a limited, efficient, and transparent government.

I ask for your vote on November 3rd and I thank you in advance if you voted for me during the early voting process.