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An Honor and a Privilege

After careful reflection, I have decided to stand again for re-election to the South Carolina House of Representatives. My decision stems from a belief that in the past 12 years I have represented the citizens of Blue Ridge, Greer and Taylors to the best of my ability and in accordance with our traditional community values.

During my time in the House, I am proudest of the work that I have done along with other conservative members to protect the lives of the unborn, to protect our 2nd Amendment rights and to promote the principles of a limited and transparent government. On a more personal level, I have been the primary sponsor of several bills that have passed the House including tax reform bills, the Benefit Corporation Act, and most recently, the Veterans Nursing Degree Opportunity Act that awaits passage in the Senate. During the next term, I look forward to ensuring that our House district remains intact as we redraw district lines statewide.

I would be remiss if I did not express my disappointment at the depths that politics in our community has sunk. People say that South Carolina politics has always been a blood sport, but there is nothing sporting about those who attack a candidate’s family or spew vitriol at those in our community who give their time to represent our citizen’s interests.

After sitting back and watching these kinds of attacks during public forums and our recent sheriff’s race, I fear that I am seeing the future for any political candidate of good will who runs regardless of ideology. I hope that my prediction is not true because politics has been for me an honorable endeavor for which I have great passion and I would not like to see these changes deter other candidates with that same passion in the future.

With that said, you can be assured that I will not engage in any type of campaign that focuses upon personal attacks rather than the needs of our community. We have put too much effort into building a positive community to allow it to be destroyed by those whose only ideological beliefs seem to be a general hatred of the “dad-gum guv’ment” (as Roger Miller sang about).

I remain grateful to the citizens of Blue Ridge, Greer and Taylors for electing me to represent them these past 12 consecutive years. It truly is an honor and a great privilege to serve you. I hope to serve you and our community with the same dedication for another term.


  1. Tony C Gilliard

    Your gas tax is going up again!

  2. Daniel

    And we will continue to support you Mr. Stringer. However, I would caution that you not confuse those who believe that the less government the better with a hatred of government. Some of our politicians in South Carolina have continually used their positions to enrich themselves rather than to serve those who elected them. Some have continually put off passing laws that “permit” us to exersize our God given constitutional rights.
    No Mr. Stringer we do not “hate” government, we are just growing increasingly frustrated with those who only seek to collect money and then dispose of it in a manner that benefits them and their benefactors rather than their constituents. The potential misuse of OUR gas tax money is a prime example.
    Stick to the Constitution, both State and National. Provide for those rights that are confirmed within and your job will be complete.

    • Tommy Stringer

      I appreciate your comments and will do everything in my power to protect those rights.

  3. Sharon R. Miller

    Dear Rep Stringer,
    I cannot tell you how pleased and relieved I am to read your announcement, and I echo your deep personal concerns. Thank you so very much for putting your heart, soul and mind into this challenging service and political environment. We are so blessed to have you! You can absolutely count on our support. God bless you and your family.
    Sharon Miller

    • Tommy Stringer


  4. gary sloan

    congratulations. you will always have my support

    • Tommy Stringer

      Many Thanks!

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