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Thank You

To the Citizens of Blue Ridge and Greer,

Please accept my sincerest thanks for the opportunity to represent all of you in the South Carolina House. Since my election in 2008, I have cast many votes on your behalf often in difficult economic circumstances. Some votes have been controversial and for those of my neighbors who disagreed with me on various issues, I appreciate your patience and civility. Please know that I diligently weigh each vote and attempt to reflect the will of the community in a thoughtful and prudent manner.

This year I am very humbled to run unopposed. I am thankful for the confidence that you have placed in me. As I look back to 2008, I promised myself then that I would not make a career out of politics and that remains my promise. Frankly, I am probably more surprised than anyone that a fifth term in office awaits me, God willing. I suspect that this term will be the most challenging so far. Please know that no matter the challenge, I will continue to represent our community as I have done so in the past – with a conservatism born in Blue Ridge and an optimism made in Greer.

In Your Service,


Tommy Stringer