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The Roads Bill – Reforms in Progress

H1258 – Reforms Summary

SECTION 1.  DOT Commission Reform

  • DOT Commissioners
    • 1 Commissioner from each Congressional/Transportation District and 1 at large
    • Appointed by the Governor
    • Approved for disapproved by the legislative delegation from the Transportation District
    • Once approved, appointee must be screened by the Joint Transportation Review Committee (JTRC)
    • Once qualified, appointee must receive advice and consent of the Senate
    • 4 year terms – eligible for reappointment – 12 year lifetime limit
    • No county may have a commission for more than 8 consecutive years
    • Governor may remove commission with approval from legislative delegation from district
  • Streamlines DOT Commission duties – S.561
    • Requested by Secretary Hall
    • Removes the commission from the day to day decision making at the department
    • The commission will be responsible for:
      • approving the Department’s budget
      • The 20 year long range plan
      • The STIP / project prioritization
      • Appointing a Secretary of Transportation
    • Moves the internal audit function to the State Auditor

SECTION 2.  The Secretary is appointed by the Commission with the advice and consent of the Senate, and serves at the pleasure of the Commission

SECTION 3.  Eliminates the Joint Transportation Screening Committee

SECTION 4   Conforms current law related to ongoing audits of the department to account for the           State Auditor employing the internal auditor

SECTIONS 5,6, & 7 All relate to State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) reforms

  • Requires prior Commission approval of SIB projects
  • Projects funded by the SIB must be at least $25M
  • Imposes project prioritization for SIB projects

SECTIONS 8 through 85    All relate to funding

  • All of the Senate funding provisions are included verbatim
  • Incorporates the additional funding added by the House and adopted in the in the Conference Report of the Appropriations Bill