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SCDOT Yields to Roundabout Pressure

I read in today’s local newspaper that SCDOT had halted plans for the traffic roundabout in front of Lake Cunningham Fire Department at North McElhaney and Hwy 101. I am sure that my notification letter from SCDOT has been delayed due to Christmas card volume but the news was Christmas come early to me.

If you recall, this roundabout has been spiraling downward ever since the LCFD commissioners caught wind of it at the beginning of 2015. Then Sen. Tom Corbin and I received letters, rather late in the game, notifying us of the impending project. The Senator and I along with the commissioners had several meetings with SCDOT culminating in public meeting last August. Many protests to the roundabout were heard.

Many thanks to Roland E. Pittman, Jason Wright, Chief Travis Balliew and many others at the Department along with the citizens who attended the public meeting in August. Together everyone helped drive the point home to SCDOT that this project would greatly decrease safety in our community.