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Need Easy Trump Removal? CALL 1 888 NO-TRUMP!

For my GOP colleagues, a little satire for a Monday morning –

Do you have an unsightly Trump that mars your perfectly manicured mainstream moderate voting record?

Do your big money country club corporate donors trip over the Trump as they frolic on your ideological-free lawn?

Does your Trump defy all efforts from self-proclaimed professional trump removers such as FOX News hosts, GOP National Party Execs and nervous GOP Presidential hopefuls?

Does your Trump grow in proportion to how many times you have worked a deal with Democrats?

If so, call 1 888 NOT-RUMP (well, that almost worked), again call 1 888 NO-TRUMP!

We are the Conservatives of the GOP. We eliminate Trumps that threaten to crack the GOP foundation.

WORK WITH US and vote to actually defund Planned Parenthood, repeal Obamacare, cut personal income taxes, shrink government, deregulate business, expand parental educational choice and deliver what we promised our constituents.

Remember, no Trump has ever been eradicated by simply talking at it. 

Only a series of decisive and victorious conservative votes will grind up a Trump.

We understand that to you, Trump removal seems impossible without reaching across the aisle. Be warned, Trumps happen when you side with the Democrats at the expense of your conservative GOP party members.

You can rid yourself of your Trump problem if you follow our time-proven two-step method:

  1. Quit voting with Democrats.  You don’t belong to that party.
  2. Vote with your conservative GOP colleagues. You belong to our party.

Some voters would rather have a un-sightly Trump in their yard than a dead tree. Don’t let those voters be yours. Oh, and don’t be the dead tree.