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Sledge Hammer or Rubber Stamp – The Legislative Oversight Committee

The House LOC has been vested with investigatory powers by the General Assembly to determine if state agencies are functioning as defined by state law. Each agency will appear before the committee (under oath, if necessary) and answer questions. The committee will publish a report on each agency that will include a recommendation that their functions should be continued, curtailed or eliminated.

As a member of LOC, I’m looking forward to witnessing how the committee evolves. That evolution will be a direct reflection of personalities and ideological stances of the lawmakers who serve on it. Either the committee will offer constructive criticism that will force improvements in how our agencies operate or it will continue the status quo of just letting it slide.

Let me be clear – I believe that governmental reach into our lives and pocketbooks should be as limited as possible. Governmental interference that we do deem necessary should be limited to a narrowly defined purposed as defined by law. Furthermore, it should be funded adequately to ensure its efficient operation. As a lawmaker, downsizing and overseeing an efficient limited government is my priority.