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Legislative Oversight Committee

In addition to retaining my Education Committee assignment, I was chosen to serve on the newly created Legislative Oversight Committee. This committee was created by statute as part of the reforms contained in the Department of Administration bill that we passed last session.

The purpose of the committee is to determine if agencies are implementing and carrying out the laws passed as intended by the General Assembly and whether each agency should by continued, curtailed or eliminated.

The committee will investigate each agency once in each seven-year cycle. This may sound like a long time but considering that there are almost 300 agencies and that the committee will be investigating their performance – with subpoena power to call witnesses – and not merely reviewing what they want us to hear, we will have our work cut out for us.

Unlike other standing committees, the LOC will meet throughout the year. It was a privilege to be chosen to sit on this committee and exciting to help build a new committee from the ground up.