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Memorial Drive Extension Bridge Update

Update as of 12/3/2014 – The SCDOT tells me that the repairs will begin in January but may take until April to be completed.

As many of you know, the bridge on Memorial Drive Extension collapsed back in August during a heavy rainstorm. Two people were injured. Since then, the road has been closed to traffic.

Many people are asking why the bridge has not been repaired after three months.

That part of Memorial Drive Extension falls under DOT control. They have told me that the bridge should be open around the first of the year.

When I asked DOT why it was taking so long to repair, they said that the culvert under the bridge was not up to current safety codes and they were designing a new base for a new bridge. They said that the design work along with the state’s procurement process pushes the completion date to the beginning of the year.

While I respect the work that DOT performs, we all know that the bridge should have been open to traffic by now.

I will continue to pressure them to speed up the process.