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A Modest Proposal – A Statehouse Monument to the Future

A surprising news story this week was the call by Sen. Vincent Sheheen and Rep. Bakari Sellers, Democrat candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor respectively, for the Confederate battle flag to be removed from the Confederate Soldier Monument in front of the Statehouse.

Surprising because I had not noticed the flag contributing to the growing litany of problems that stem from our state government. Maybe unseen rays emit statewide from its flagpole leaving behind a plethora of potholes, criminal indictments, unfair taxes, failed government reforms and a pervading sense of political apathy.

Though I am a Republican, I expected more from my Democrat colleagues. An opportunity to present a viable solution, even one that I might disagree with, should not be wasted. South Carolina needs a healthy debate of 21st century solutions, not political performance art. How disappointing.

Instead of focusing on the historical monuments outside the Statehouse, these candidates and their Republican counterparts should demand the removal of the “monuments” to apathy and self-dealing that currently occupy some seats in the General Assembly.

Our candidates could propose a new monument be raised on the Statehouse grounds – a monument to the future – a monument that lists those members of the General Assembly who voluntarily term-limit themselves (i. e. – get out of the way) for the good of the state.