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Vetoing Tax Hungry Fire Stations and Power Hungry Librarians

Earlier today, the SC House was gaveled into a two-hour special Session to consider two vetoes issued by Gov. Haley.

The first bill, S293, would allow a local fire district in Murrells Inlet to raise property taxes to fund a new fire station.

The Governor vetoed the bill insisting that these types of local tax increases should be decided by local council or referendum; not by the General Assembly.  I voted to sustain the veto and against direct General Assembly involvement in a local property tax issue. The House agreed voting 58-49 to sustain the veto.

The second bill, S813, would allow public librarians to expel misbehaving patrons and expand their ability to file criminal charges against these miscreant bibliophiles.

The Governor, knowing that absolute power corrupts absolutely, vetoed the bill fearing that librarians would indiscriminately banish certain citizens from the library or issue draconian edicts demanding total silence from those worthy enough to be granted access to their sanctum. I voted to sustain the veto and against depriving citizens of their right to access tax-funded knowledge. The House disagreed voting 75-36 to override the veto. Library loiterers and skulkers beware.

Some may question the necessity of bringing back the legislature to debate two minor issues.  I have no answer other than one a librarian can appreciate (and with apologies to Tennyson): it is not mine to make reply, nor to reason why, but to merely do or die.

We are now adjourned until after the November elections granting the citizenry a three-month respite from legislative action.