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Auditing Abortion Clinics

In response to the clinic of horrors operated by abortionist Kermit Gonsnell in Philadelphia, I have initiated an audit of how DHEC regulates abortion clinics in South Carolina.

If you are unfamiliar with Kermit Gosnell, he was convicted in May of murder for the way that he performed abortions. He received a life sentence with no parole.

South Carolina law has created very specific regulations about how abortion clinics should operate. These regulations are broad in nature and limit the services allowed at clinics, require certain reporting to DHEC and establish emergency response procedures for patients.

I have specifically asked for an audit of how DHEC enforces the following sections:

Section 302 – Limitation of Services Offered by Abortion Clinics

Section 308 – Quality Improvement

Section 309 – Requirements for Clinics Performing Abortions Beyond 14 Weeks

Section 403 – Reporting Requirements to DHEC

Section 501 – Written Policies and Procedures

Regardless of your position on abortion, we should verify that South Carolina does not have the type of abortion clinic that Kermit Gosnell operated.

On a personal note, reading through abortion regulations requires a certain suspension of awareness to protect your sensibilites. For example, the regulations refer to “products of conception resulting from the abortion procedure” when discussing the disposal of medical waste.

In other words, DHEC has to regulate what to do with human infant remains.

The Legislative Audit Council should begin their audit this Fall.