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Budget Compromise Points

The SC House passed the budget compromise yesterday by a vote of 54 – 52 with all but two Democrats voting against it.

The compromise points are as follows (note that these are adjustments to the budget passed by the House in March 2013):

Transportation – Provides $50 million for bridge repair and $50 million to bond $500 million for interstate repair.

State Employees – No raises were given but state employees are being reimbursed for a premium increase in the state insurance plan at a cost of $54 million.

School Choice Tax Credit¬†– Contributions may be made to scholarship granting organizations that will provide¬†scholarships to “exceptional needs” students. The total statewide tax credit for all contributions is capped at $8 million.

Charter Schools – Provides an additional $12 million to the SC Public Charter School District.

Base Student Cost – The $77 million increase remains unchanged from our original budget.

4k Education РThe 4k program has been expanded in certain low income school districts.

Private Teacher Tax Credit – These teachers can claim a tax credit up to $275 for supplies purchased by them for their classrooms. This matches the current tax credit for public school teachers.

k-12 Instructional Materials – Increases funding by $24 million.

School Buses – Provides $22 million for new buses.

Cyber-Security – Sets aside an additional $10 million to procure additional consumer protection services.

Tax Deduction for Consumer Protection Services – Allows a deduction for taxpayers who do not use the state provided consumer protection services.

Law Enforcement Officers – Provides funds for 18 new DNR officers and 30 new state troopers.