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The Governor’s Legislative Report Card

At the end of each legislative year, several different groups issue report cards. These cards summarize, in a simplistic manner, how legislators voted on issues that are of interest to that particular group.

Each group uses a different method  to score the votes taken. For example, some groups will only count the votes actually taken. Other groups will include all votes, even those that might have beem missed.

The Governor recently issued a report card that gave me a “C” score. This came as some surprise since I have consistantly received high marks from conservative groups. After examing the report card’s assumption, I realized that I had been graded down for four votes that I had missed – three of which happened in a two hour period between 3:30pm and 5:30pm on March 2, 2011.

It should be noted that I was in Session on March 2, 2011. However, I did leave at 3:30 due to a family committment.

Being a part time legislator with a family and a business can be challenging. Please be assured that I do not miss many votes and that I remain committed to citizens of District 18.