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Slaying Leviathan

Several months ago, I wrote about the difficulty of taming the Leviathan (the term Thomas Hobbes used for Big Government). I commented then that many conservatives were elected to Congress on a promise to shrink government spending, but that they had no real plan to actually fulfill that promise.

Now we find that the desperate battle with Leviathan has been joined.

Chaos often breeds opportunity in politics. The chaos that we are currently witnessing with the debt ceiling crisis was not created by our newly elected congressional delegation. The crisis was created by the unwise spending policies of the mainstream politicians of both parties. Unfortunately, the solution to our debt problem will be painful, regardless of the plan adopted.

Speaking of the current plans on the table, I researched the detail of each plan on the CBO website. While the pundits scream about the looming threat of default, no one seems to care about the details of each plan. Neither plan makes the type of structural reforms needed to solve our debt crisis.

The newly-elected conservative members of Congress, including our own delegation, have seized the opportunity created by chaos to push for real reform. They should keep up the good fight until a substantive plan emerges.