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Redistricting Update

The House passed out the redistricting plan for both State House districts and Congressional Districts.

Greenville County enjoyed significant growth over the last decade, as a result, all of the House districts shifted in varying degrees. The Greenville Delegation spent many hours in the map room creating a countywide plan that would meet all federal requirements.

Like the county as a whole, District 18 (Blue Ridge, Greer, Taylors) had amazing growth over the last decade. This growth resulted in district lines that moves a small portion of Greer into District 36 (Rita Allison) and a small portion of Taylors into District 20 (Dan Hamilton). In addition, because of the demographic change in west Greenville, District 18 picked up territory east of Glassy Mountain and up to the North Carolina line. To view all of the new House districts, please go to the Statehouse website.

The Congressional maps were more frustrating. As written here, the Greenville Delegation attempted to keep all of Greenville County in the 4th Congressional District. We submitted amendments in the committee meeting and during the floor vote. Both amendments were defeated.

Fortunately, we may have a better chance in the Senate.