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The Budget Debate

On Monday, March 15, we will have the first reading of the budget. 

At that point, we will know the actual proposed cuts to each agency including those to the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (DDSN). The latest information suggests that the net cuts to DDSN will be in the $9,000,000 range with the possibility that this amount might be covered by pending legislation in Washington, DC. So, it may end up that DDSN escapes without any cuts as compared to the prior year.

For the record,  around 30 members of the House Republican Caucus signed a petition saying that we supported zeroing out the budgets for non-essential agencies and moving the funds to DDSN. These agencies included the State Museum, Dept. of Consumer Affairs, etc.

I believe that South Carolina needs to honor the promises made to the people in the programs offered by DDSN. Cuts to these services will have a real and detrimental effect to the quality of life for those people who depend upon DDSN.